Gyonggi-do, KOREA

March 2006

project for KOKUEIKANプロジェクト

with Takeya OBATA, Sadakuni SUGA, Tomoyuki SHIRAHASE, Masako JO


Digging up Time Stacked

The basalt precipice might be the only certain evidence of the time. Gyeonggi_do JeongokPrehistory Museum originate from the basalt precipice as basal surface.The basalt precipice is dissected to have a time void, which affords a prehistoric path tothe age of 0.5 million years ago. Around the void is a complex of architecture & landscape,which has a stepped terrace form. As the complex extends away from the void, itmerges with the surrounding landscape. It goes beyond the site boundary.The time human beings have stacked is tied to physical environment.Now the museum associated with nature becomes a medium to relive the temps perdu.